about us + THE WORKSHOP downtown

kelly bennett is an independent creative director and change maker. she is also the creative director and restaurant partner of vegenation. her mission is to create a thriving conscious economy with cool brands, businesses, and lifestyle products that make a real impact on communities. 


ashley ayala an independent creative director and ethical strategist, working with brands on becoming more ethical in their sourcing and manufacturing of products. she is the creator of the sustainable lifestyle blog, Get Ethical Co, and the co-curator of Fergusons Downtown Market in the Alley.


Jessica Sells is the artist behind Grace Ink + Lace, a creative paper + design company. She is a lover of animals and travel and gets inspired by adventure and spontaneity. Along with art, she has a passion for designing beautiful email campaigns that help grow small businesses in her community.


in 2018, kelly and ashley began teaching a bi-annual workshop series geared toward empowering local creatives, small businesses owners and change makers with practical business building tools in an inspiring atmosphere. in 2019, we brought on Jess to help achieve the mission of spreading education for the entrepreneurial minded. we exist in our community to share our knowledge of running our own businesses, curating brand experiences and events, creating content and bringing in highly skilled community members to teach in their respective expertise. this year, we launched THE WORKSHOP downtown membership, where members receive exclusive workshops, representation in our local market and support from us. together with our members, YOU and creative passion fueling all of us, we are THE WORKSHOP downtown.